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Every piece of jewelry is made delicately in labor of love. Before a piece even arrives at your doorstep, the piece has already been filled with passion, love and meaning behind why and how it was created. And as you unbox your jewelry, your instincts automatically tells you that you want to preserve such a beautiful piece for as long as you live and for the next generation it will be passed on to. How you care for your jewelry dictates its appraisal value. We provide simple care instructions that will guide you on how to maintain your jewelry the proper way to preserve it in its perfect condition.

We recommend that you clean your Baby Gold piece with a mild soapy hot water. A soft bristle brush is preferable but we recommend that you refrain from using abrasive materials to avoid scratching the finish of your jewelry.A microfiber polishing cloth can be used from time to time as well.

We recommend you remove all jewelry before sleeping, taking a shower, cleaning, swimming, washing the dishes, playing or doing water sport or extreme sport activities to avoid damaging your piece,  gold discoloration and loss of stones. This is especially true for our children’s jewelry.

When unworn, it is best to store your jewelry in your original Baby Gold fabric lined box, away from other metals to prevent scratching or damaging  the shape and finish of your piece.

And finally, Should your jewelry need extra maintenance or repair, feel free to contact us for a complimentary yearly care service.

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