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About Baby Gold

About Baby Gold

Our Story

Growing up, I would watch my mom get ready for an event or a dinner party. I would watch her get dressed, put on her makeup, do her hair, wear her perfume, and as she walks out the door she would turn to my father with a handful of jewels and have him fasten each piece on her. 

As I got older I would go through her jewelry, try them on and ask her about them. Each piece of jewelry had a story, an occasion it was purchased for, a memory it brought to life. At the very end of my treasure hunt, my final question was always " can I have it when I grow up" to which the answer was always, "yes."

"No other object tells a story like a piece of jewelry.”


Decades have passed since then. I married my husband and ventured into a world of jewelry production and manufacturing with him. Though my husband is third-generation in the jewelry industry, I came into this world when the market had crashed. Many years of hard work brought us great clients and tremendous experience, and we've created a great career in jewelry production, an honest, loving marriage, and a home filled with two gorgeous daughters, Olivia Eva & Sienna Marie.

Olivia was about two years old when she began to understand what I do for a living. Oftentimes in those early years, Olivia would come along with me to work, and was so enamored with jewelry that some of our clients began calling her, “Baby Gold.” I came home after work one day, and as I was taking off my jewelry, Olivia jumped up at me and asked if she could wear my necklace.

Without thinking I replied, "when you get older, it’s too long for you now." Then it dawned on me — why shouldn't she be able to share my jewelry? Why shouldn't she learn the value of something with so much meaning and significance? Why pass an heirloom on to a child when they are older if you can teach them to respect and cherish a piece of jewelry and grow into it? In that moment I knew, and Baby Gold was born.

Baby Gold is not only the first ever hub for fine jewelry for and about kids. Our pieces are made under environmentally and ethically safe standards. Our state-of-the-art factory is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, housing over 50 employees who come to work loving what they do, and to us that means the world. Alongside all of this, what is the absolute best part of Baby Gold? Our prices! Owning the factory allows us to cut out the steep margins you see everywhere else, enabling us to offer our Mamas and Babies the best quality merchandise for much less than anywhere else. Our designs are remarkable, our quality unmatched and our prices are impossible to beat!

Now that you have found us, we hope you and your little one bring each cherished moment to life through each Baby Gold piece of jewelry.


& Ethical Practices

Baby Gold is committed to preserving the environment for our children in the same way we preserve the jewelry we design for their future. We believe that any practices that pose a threat to the environment are a threat to the health, lifestyle and future of our lives and those of our children. As an active member of Responsible Jewelry Council, we hold true to our values and comply to safe practices to protect our clients, employees, society and our children


Baby Gold takes pride in creating beautiful pieces made only with fine, quality and safe materials. We use 14 Karat Gold and conflict free diamonds on each and every piece we create. We use responsibly sourced and 100% recycled gold. Gold is a precious metal which means it can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation in quality. By recycling our Gold we alleviate the devastating environmental and social impacts of gold mining. Our findings and resources are all traceable and follow the codes of the RJC. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Baby Gold believes in putting people first, providing fair and safe work practices for our employees and making sure that through the trail of production, no one is hurt or taken advantage of. We offer our employees a safe and comfortable working environment, offer competitive pay and strongly believe that if you put people first growth and success is only inevitable. One of our fundamental goals is to create opportunities and jobs and maintain a happy and socially responsible work ethic. 

& Accessability

Baby Gold was born from a family of 3rd generation jewelers. We house one of the largest manufacturing facilities for fine jewelry in Los Angeles and produce every piece of Baby Gold jewelry in our state of the art factory. Keeping our production close to its source allows us to keep our costs down which in turn allows up to keep tighter margins. The outcome… Lower prices for higher end US made jewelry. 


Where beautiful meets meaningful –– feel great about each piece of Baby Gold jewelry knowing that every piece purchased gives back to the community. Each month we donate 5% of all net profits to a charity that is meaningful to us and you, specifically focused on charities supporting opportunities for women and children.

This Month's Charity

The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

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