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The Baby Gold Design Studio and Production Facility is where the magic happens. We make every Baby Gold piece in our own family-owned foundry in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Our Process

concept & design

Every Baby Gold piece is inspired by a vintage piece from Helen’s personal collection or something she has seen and loved while traveling. Each concept is then sketched, giving scale and size specifications to begin the next step. 


Depending on the needs of the design, a sketch either goes to the CAD department, to create a digital design, or one of our wax carving artisans carves it in wax to prepare into a Rubber mold. Most custom and personalized pieces are made through CADs and then 3D printed in wax.


This is where the magic happens. In a process called lost wax casting, wax is prepped into a flask with plaster. As we pour molten gold through each flask, the wax melts away and gold fills into the plaster cavities, bringing the piece to life.

metal forming & LASER CUTTING

Pieces that do not require casting, like most of our engravable charms and our ID cuffs, most often go through metal forming. In this meticulous process, molten gold is formed through rolling mills, then sent through a hot conveyor oven to form gold plates. These flat sheets of pure gold are then cut by hand or with state-of-the-art laser machines to create your engravable pieces.


Now brought to metal and cleaned to its raw form, the piece is ready for assembly. We attach chains to castings, clean and prep settings for diamonds, add prongs for the diamonds, and inspect each piece before the finishing stages.


This is the fun stage, where a piece of metal becomes a unique piece of jewelry. Those requiring diamonds or gemstones go to our expert stone setters, who set each diamond by hand using microscopes to achieve the highest level of quality and security. A piece requiring enamel is laced in the color of your choice. A beaded bracelet goes into the hands of our hand beaders.


Each piece must receive its final polish. Our Artisan Polishing team gives each piece in final polish special attention to make sure your piece is flawlessly polished to a mirrored golden finish. Then, it enters into a hot ultrasonic bath and steam-sanitize cleaning to rid it of any buildup during its production process.

quality assurance & packaging

Finally, our fulfillment department performs a rigorous quality control with microscopes on each piece to make sure each piece is completely perfect–– and then it makes its way to you!

delivered to you

As soon as your label has been printed and your order has been packed, you will receive an update with tracking info on your order. All U.S. orders receive free complimentary shipping.