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14k Gold Sun and Moon Jewelry

Sun and moon jewelry are popular, symbolizing balance and unity. These designs can be found in various styles, such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Explore our collection to find unique, handmade, or designer pieces that suit your taste.



Sunburst Evil Eye Necklace
14K Yellow Gold
Zodiac Coin Medallion Charm
14K Yellow Gold
Diamond Sun Charm
14K Yellow Gold
Sun Moon Zodiac Bracelet
14K Yellow Gold
Sunbeam Evil Eye Ring
14K Yellow Gold
Cosmic Anklet
14K Yellow Gold
Diamond Zodiac Coin Medallion Charm
14K Yellow Gold
Enamel Sun Medallion Charm
14K Yellow Gold

About 14k Gold Sun and Moon Jewelry

Welcome to our celestial jewelry collection! Our exquisite sun and moon jewelry will leave you starstruck. Explore our range of lunar adornments, solar trinkets, and star accessories that are perfect for anyone who loves the beauty of the cosmos. Whether you're looking for necklaces, rings, or charms, we have something for everyone.

Universe-inspired Necklaces and Pendants

Our sun and moon necklace collection features unique designs inspired by the heavens above. You'll find sterling 14k yellow gold necklaces adorned with enchanting emeralds, sparkling stars, and peaceful moons. Each piece is crafted by talented artisans.

Stunning Rings and Charms

Our celestial rings come in a variety of styles, including two-tone creations and solar eclipse-inspired designs. Set in 14k gold, these rings are perfect for adding a touch of starry magic to your everyday look. And don't forget our charms! With intricate designs inspired by myths, space, and our ancestors, these delightful charms will make a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Free Delivery and Lifetime Warranty

We're proud to offer free delivery on all of our sun and moon jewelry products. Plus, with our lifetime warranty, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Read Customer Reviews and Explore More Collections

Browse through our customer reviews for honest recommendations and to learn why our celestial pieces are the best choice for your next purchase. If you're looking for even more heavenly inspiration, don't miss our collections of anklets, Feng Shui butterfly earrings, and emerald cat pendants. Keep an eye on our sale page for limited-time offers on select celestial jewelry pieces, ensuring you won't miss out on great deals.

Embark on a journey through the universe with our sun and moon jewelry collection. Each piece is a work of art that captures the enchanting essence of the cosmos, making you feel as if you're wearing a piece of the heavens on your very own skin. Illuminate your world with the warm sunlight and serene moonlight of our expertly crafted celestial pieces today.