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14K Gold Evil Eye Necklaces

Beware the evil eye curse … and upgrade your jewelry collection while you’re at it. Shop Baby Gold’s curated selection of 14K evil eye necklaces including heirloom pieces, dainty charms, and sunburst icons.


Pave Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
14K Yellow Gold
Starting at $481.00
Evil Eye Necklace
14K Yellow Gold
Round Enamel Evil Eye Charm
Round Enamel Evil Eye Charm
14K Yellow Gold
Ward off bad energy with our elegantly crafted 14k gold evil eye necklaces. Shop Baby Gold for 14k gold and a lifetime guarantee.

Why wear a gold evil eye necklace?

The evil eye is an iconic symbol that people have worn for thousands of years to ward off the evil eye curse! It’s also known as a nazar, and its signature imagery is often fashioned into jewelry like rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Why choose 14K gold for an evil eye necklace?

14K gold is a mix of pure gold and high-quality metal alloys. This keeps your necklace staying shiny, but also protects against scratches at the same time. This means your evil eye necklace can last an entire lifetime! Plus, Baby Gold offers a lifetime guarantee on repairs, resizing, and even touch ups. We only use 14K solid gold that’s anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic — and no harsh chemicals, either!

How can you style a gold evil eye necklace?

Rock a standalone evil eye necklace (Pssst! We recommend the Sunburst Evil Eye Necklace to make a boho-inspired statement). Or, layer shorter necklaces like our Diamond Evil Eye Necklace over longer ones for a luxurious look.