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14K Gold Cuban Link Rings

Up your jewelry game with an iconic Cuban link ring designed to last a lifetime. Baby Gold offers eye-catching custom and diamond rings you can layer up or don one at a time.


A 14k gold cuban link ring is the perfect piece to help make a bold statement. Shop Baby Gold for solid 14k gold and a lifetime guarantee.

What is the origin of the gold Cuban link ring?

Round or oval Cuban links interlock with one another, creating a stylish and iconic pattern that lays flat against the skin. Whether it’s a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet, Cuban links likely originated in Miami, Florida during the hip-hop movement in the late 1970s to mid-1980s.

Why choose 14K gold for a Cuban link ring?

14K gold is a mixture of pure gold and strong alloy metals, giving you the best of both worlds: shine and durability. This means your Cuban link ring will last for decades to come and hold up against everyday wear-and-tear.

How can you style a gold Cuban link ring?

With matching Cuban link bracelets and Cuban link necklaces, of course! Go big with mix-and-match accessories, diamonds, and layered pieces that POP with texture and color. We recommend splurging for the ice because if we’re being honest … you deserve it!