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Exceptional Quality

Baby Gold is not only a member of the Responsible Jewelers Council but is also committed to preserving the environment for our children. Our safe and ethical practices ensure that our clients, employees and children are protected from any manufacturing processes that pose a threat to their health and lead, no nickel, just pure 14K Gold. Our ethical work practices are evident through the 50+ happy faces that work within our facilities. We offer our employees a safe and comfortable working environment and competitive pay. We believe that if you put people first, growth and success is inevitable.

Made in our Factory

Baby Gold was born from a family of 3rd generation jewelers. We house one of the largest manufacturing facilities for fine jewelry in Los Angeles and produce every piece of Baby Gold jewelry in our state of the art factory. Keeping our production close to its source allows us to keep our costs down which in turn allows up to keep tighter margins. The outcome: lower prices for higher end US made jewelry.

Finest Material

Baby Gold takes pride in creating beautiful pieces made only with fine, quality and safe materials. We use 14 Karat Gold and conflict free diamonds on each and every piece we create. We use responsibly sourced and 100% recycled gold. Gold is a precious metal which means it can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation in quality. By recycling our Gold we alleviate the devastating environmental and social impacts of gold mining. We are a member of the Responsible Jewelers Council and in turn guarantee that our production is all traceable and follows the codes of the RJC.

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